Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Colour of Ash

British writer Sienna Drake has published her first novel, The Colour of Ash, in the Kindle store.
(Make sure you spell color colour or you won't find it)
I just finished reading it and posted a review at
Here is a copy of my review:

By Claude
This is a story that defies and transcends any attempt to categorize it. It is not a horror paranormal thriller, although the general plot appears so. It is not vanilla erotica, and it is not BDSM erotica although the elements of S&M are definitely there. It is not a goth erotic novel even though there is some of that too.
What it is is a thrilling, addictive read, that hooked me, so I read it in two sittings. (I had to get some sleep after all)

The storytelling is vivid, stylish, but done with an economy that reminds me of an old romanesque church rather than the more ornate gothic ones. Ms. Drake has trimmed her novel of every extraneous detail, every unneeded word, to leave just the pulsating, throbbing soul of her novel. I would have preferred just a teensy-weensy more detail about who or what she finds in the cave; I had to guess too much, but that's just me.

This is not a story about a Bristsh domme, although Ash is a British domme. There is some very strong S&M in this that will probably exceed most people's tolerance so be warned but, if you can deal with it, and your mind is open enough to face up to its unpleasantness, are you in for a treat!

I cannot wait for the next one book by this author. 

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