Friday, November 29, 2013

Free Book!

If anyone wants to read the short story "The Force of Circumstance" it is available at until December 5th for free, using the coupon: RD34M

The story is  very dark, erotic tragedy.
A young engineer arriving at his new work place in the jungles of Thailand needs a maid so, to his surprise, he buys one: Lana.
Lana comes with a secret that she dares not reveal. When his fiancee moves in, jealousy and rivalry propel the story to its inevitable, tragic, and surprising ending.
A Palimpsest on Somerset Maugham's short story, this one is told from the male point of view.
Not for the easily offended or thin skinned

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

I just reviewed a short story (4000 words) by Stephen Olander. See the review here:

It is a mostly vanilla story that should stroke most kinks. Check out his other books and his webpage here:

Have fun.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

A new book is in the works.

Too early for much details but it is the story of two young women's descent into the depths of S&M. It is meant to be romantic as well as strong. The scenarios will be Spain, the US and possibly France.
The working title is: "It happened in Madrid." but it is subject to change.
Also the plan is for a simultaneous release in English and Spanish. Let's see how that works.

Here is chapter 1:


Mila and I stood, uncertain, on the grass covered slope. My resolution wavering as the moment approached, I looked at my friend. Her short, spiky black hair framed her pale face and her almond shaped, almost black eyes. She smiled at me and I wondered how could she smile so, at a time like that. She laughed and pulled off her t-shirt. Her breasts swinging saucily on the late September breeze. I could not help but noticing Pedro, my boyfriend and Santi, her's avidly ogling her boobies. She laughed again, reached for the waist of her mini skirt and pulled it, and her panties down. She sat down on the grass, removed her ballerinas and changed them for the latex sandals that we used to wade on the beach during the summer. She looked up at me and laughed once more.

"Come on!" she said, "your turn."

I had not removed my clothes yet. Not because I was self-conscious before Pedro and Santi. They had seen us naked many times of course. I hadn't stripped yet because I was scared shitless. I watched the two young men standing beside us on the grassy slope, lit by the westering sun. Each one held a long fishing pole, not the flimsy trout poles but the sturdier poles they used to fish in the sea.

"Come on," Mila insisted.

I had to do it. I removed my t-shirt and my bra. My pert boobies rose on my chest, crowned by their pink nipples, provoking a stupid grin from the boys. As if they hadn't seen them before. My hands shook as I unfastened my jeans. I sat on the grass and pulled them off. I pulled off my boy cut panties, put on the wading sandals and sat as naked as Mila. I gave her a faint smile.

The boys laid down their poles. Pedro opened his tackle box.

I jumped up, "I gotta pee."

I ran across the side of the hill towards some boxwood bushes that grew near the top of the hill.

"I'm coming too," Mila said and ran after me.

We returned to where the boys sat assembling the rigs. I didn't dare look at them. How could we, how could I have agreed to this.

Mila knelt beside Santi and watched as her boyfriend tied a heavy spinner to a length of 14 pound mono filament nylon, stripped about a yard of line, threaded a barrel swivel on to the line and tied a second spinner to the opposite end of the line. I tried not to look at the treble hooks at the business end of the spinners. Beside me, Pedro assembled a similar rig.

I looked down hill, the slope ran for four or five hundred yards of grass until it reached a copse of spindly young willows, where a stream crossed the meadow. That was not too far to run. Mila looked at me and I knew she had the same idea. My hands went up to cup my breasts and cover my nipples with my palms. I shivered though it wasn't cold.

"All right girls," Pedro said. "Stand."

We both stood up, I saw that Mila was shivering too.

"Hands behind your backs," Santi ordered.

We did so, crossing our wrists behind our waists.

Santi tied my hands with a narrow leather strap. To my right I saw Pedro doing the same to Mila. There was to be no cheating.

Santi picked up the nylon rig. I shook on my feet. He placed the mono filament line over my shoulders and behind my neck. Both salmon spinners hung beside my breasts. I trembled standing, defenseless, knowing full well what he was going to do now. I looked at Pedro, doing the same with Mila. She looked at me and I saw the fear in her eyes.

Santi picked up my breast in his hand, the right one. I closed my eyes. I felt him tighten his grip on it.
"Are you ready Pedro?" he asked.

"Yes," he replied, "Ready girls?"

"No," I answered, but it was a rhetorical question.

I felt the barbed hook stab my breast and screamed. So did Mila, I guess, but I did not hear her. I opened my eyes and saw the hook, barb and all, sticking out of the top of my areola, just behind the nipple. I was gasping for breath, like a landed fish. Santi held my left breast and squeezed it firmly. I began to scream even before the second spinner's hook stabbed my left breast.

I struggled to control my breathing. With each breath, the heavy spinners dangling from my nipples shook the hooks embedded in my flesh. I saw Mila beside me, her breasts similarly adorned.

The boys now attached the lines in their rods to the barrel swivels dangling behind our necks.

They opened the bails on their reels and stepped back, about thirty yards. We looked at them, over our shoulders. We looked at the spindly willows on the banks of the stream, five hundred yards downhill. Pedro's rod was attached to Mila's line and Santi to mine. That way there would be no cheating. No chance of me, or Mila giving our boyfriend an easy victory.

Not that that would have happened anyway. Too much was at stake.

We heard the bails on their reels snap shut.

"Get ready fishies," one of them said.

I examined the terrain carefully. With my wrists tied behind my back it would be difficult to get up if I were to fall.

Mila would run at my right side. I looked at her. She looked at me. Perhaps we should have wished each other good luck but we wouldn't really mean it, so we didn't. We simply acknowledged each other with a nod of our heads.

"Now!" Pedro said.

At that moment I felt a lacerating pain in my nipples. Santi had 'set' the hooks by sharply pulling up his rod. That was our signal.

After a moment's hesitation I began to run downhill. The hooks pulled my breasts up, towards my shoulders, the pain was excruciating. I heard the drag on Santi's rod scream as I ran downhill stripping line from his reel. At the edge of my vision I saw Mila running too. I was sure that she was also stripping Pedro's line just as fast and just as painfully as I did.

The hooks pulled harder and harder on my breasts. The pain was too much. I had to stop. I was still two hundred yards from the line of willows. Mila still ran and Pedro's drag still screamed. But she, too had to stop and catch her breath. I saw her breasts, obscenely stretched towards her shoulders. She jerked her body this way and that whimpering all the time. I remained quiet, catching my breath and hoping that Santi would get overconfident allowing me the chance I needed to ran down further, to get further away from him and closer to the beckoning willows.

He was too experienced for that. He maintained enough tension on his line to preclude any relief from the atrocious pain in my nipples. I heard him wind his reel and felt the hooks tear and pull at my breasts. I sprinted again. If I caught him by surprise I might, just might, snap the line. But he released the tension, lowering the tip of the rod, I'm sure, and the brake squealed as I pulled ahead maybe twenty yards, before the pain made me stop once more.

Mila was only ten yards ahead of me, still running, her line taut behind her, the drag yielding line more slowly. Pedro must have tightened it. She was only seventy or so yards from the willows. If she made it past the willows she could turn back around a tree and the line would snap. She would win. She would be safe.

Trying to ignore the pain in my breasts I sprinted ahead again. Only sixty yards more, but I could not go on. The hooks were tearing my flesh. I whimpered. Santi gave me no slack. He did not pull harder, he just held me there. Mila too had stopped. She took a deep breath and lunged ahead, running towards the right before turning left. Pedro tried to control her flight and suddenly she gave a shattering scream.

"One's out!" she said.

"Stop!" Santi ordered.

I stopped moving and pulling, but he only released the tension a little.

Pedro came down the hill. Mila's left nipple was bleeding freely where the hook had torn its way through her flesh. Pedro took a pair of pliers and snapped off the hook. He then tied the spinner to the snap swivel so it wouldn't jump about. He returned to his rod, picked it up and drew the line tight.

"Go!" Santi said.

I felt him pull on the line, and fought the pain, not yielding an inch, but not gaining any either.

As I tried to gather my courage to run the final seventy yards or so I noticed Mila, only forty or fifty yards from the trees, suddenly turn around and run towards Pedro. Had she gone crazy?

I saw Pedro reeling in the line, spinning the handle frantically. Santi must have gotten distracted for my line slacked a little. Unfortunately, distracted by Mila's antics, I failed to take advantage of this.

Mila now spun again and launched herself on a mad run at full speed down the hill. The line tightened and she screamed as the remaining hook dug into her breast, she was only thirty yards from the trees. I began to pull too, not running, just steadily pulling and whimpering at the unbelievable pain on my breasts. Mila turned back, towards Pedro again but after only two or three yards she flipped and launched herself at full speed down the hill and, as the line tightened, instead of slowing down, she jumped forward, with all her strength while turning, spinning her body in the air. I heard a snap. I heard Pedro curse.

Unable to break her fall with her wrists tied behind her back, she fell on the grass, twenty yards or so from the stream, but she was free. She'd broken the line with that desperate, final maneuver. She won.

That left me.

The game was not over yet though. Renewed pain in my nipples announced that Santi had resumed retrieving line. I stumbled back, confused. I tried to pull ahead but the pain was too much, I had to yield. A yard or two, before I remembered what was the price of failure. I tried to run again, but only regained the ground I'd lost. Then I yielded ground again, and again. My efforts were useless. The pain too strong. Defeated, I walked up the grassy hill, obeying Santi's line, until I was no more than a yard or two away from him, my nipples bloodied by the hooks embedded deep into the soft flesh.

One thing remained.

I had to be gaffed.

Of course they would not use a real gaff. A lasso on a pole around my neck to bring me to the ground, not that I resisted, a loop of rope around my ankles and I was secured. Santi carried me back to the chalet at the top of the hill where, slinging a rope over a convenient branch, they hung me, upside down, while Pedro took his picture with his trophy.

I remained hanging while they tended to Mila's lacerated left nipple. They doused it with alcohol and, after she stopped screaming, they slapped a bandage on it. Pedro clipped off the barb on the hook in her right breast, removed it, doused the boob with alcohol and covered the nipple with a large band aid.

They did the same thing with my breasts, while I hung conveniently from the tree. Only then they lowered me from the branch and freed me.

I lost, Santi won.

I hung my head. There was a price to pay for failure. If you were a girl.

There was a reward for victory, if you were a guy.

Santi would collect his reward. He would be the master of ceremonies for the weekend.

I would be the victim.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Politics and Sex: The Next Fifty Shades of Grey

Politics and Sex: The Next Fifty Shades of Grey: "So you think you're gonna be the next Fifty Shades of Grey author, eh? I don't THINK SO!" she cried as she put her oppon...

Blue accepted

Blue has been accepted for the premium catalog at Smashwords.
It shall soon appear at Itunes, Kobo and the usual suspects.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Appointment also approved for Smashwords premium

Another one that will soon be available on Itunes, Kobo etc.
And here is the original cover.

El Circulo accepted for Premium catalog at Smashwords.

El Circulo has been accepted for premium distribution at Smashwords. It might get to amazon this back way.
El Circulo ha sido aceptado para distribucion premium por Smashwords. Es posible que asi llegue tambien a amazon.
He aqui su portada original:

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

New books in the Smashword Premium catalog.

With two new books approved today and one on Friday, there are now seven books available in the Smashwords premium catalog:

You will submit to a tall, dark stranger.
The Ring.
Looking for a Master, The twelve labors of Andromeda.
Birthday and Lynette's story.
The Force of Circumstance.
and Her Breasts.

Soon they should appear at I-tunes, Apple, Kobo etc.

Her Body and Blue should appear soon as I submitted the corrections required.
El Circulo is waiting for review, but I expect should show up soon too. That will be good as it was banned at amazon (although they still sell the English version)


Saturday, November 9, 2013

The Ring, Chameleon, and The Force of Circumstance now on Smashwords Premium.

The two novels, The Ring and Chameleon, as well as the short story The Force of Circumstance are now in the Smashwords Premium collection.

What this means is that shortly those pieces will be available in Roku, Sony, Apple etc.

Here is the original Chameleon cover.

New art at Minos' site

New art posted at Minos' Perilous Thoughts site.
It's rather mild as these things go, but the peril and threat is there.
Here is the link:

Friday, November 8, 2013

Chameleon will also be available at Kobo, Apple etc.

This makes two the number of books that will now be available at Sony, Kobo, Apple etc.
Chameleon and Looking for a Master.
Here is the original cover image for those that want it.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Her Body going up at Smashwordss. Uncensored cover here

Uncensored cover for Her Body

New supercensored cover for Smashwords

The prudes at Smashwords (or their retailers) are still getting hissy fits over nipples and such.
This is the new cover that I had to submit for Birthday and Lynette's story.
This time I did not even try to pretend that the image was not censored.

So, from now on, I'll upload the uncensored covers here and include a link to the blog post for all Smashwords books.

It gets better, They also required that I change the You will submit inside art.
So, for anyone who buys You Will Submit from Smashwords, or their retail sites, here is the original unexpurgated cover:

What's kind of annoying is that they tend not to have much of an issue with content, as opposed to amazon, but they get their skivvies in an uproar if so much as a nipple shows.

OTOH they had no issues with the cover of Andromeda which I thought they would have and had considered changing.

I've been busy.

I've been busy over the weekend getting "Su Cuerpo" up at Createspace (and soon amz.) for paperback publishing. It is now available.

Also a paperback edition of Her Breasts and Her Body in a single volume has gone up at Createspace and will also be available at amz. If you want it wait for amazon to have it and you can get the e-book for $0.99.

In addition, my collaborating artist Minos has posted a new picture in his perilous resorts series. Rather than snaking his pic I'll post the link.

Warning: It is not explicit but it may be quite disturbing for some (most)

Friday, November 1, 2013

Blue up at Smashwords and more

Blue is now up at Smashwords and also available as print edition at Createspace and soon at amazon.

Also, "Searching for a Master, the Twelve Labors of Andromeda" is now available at the Apple store.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Censored cover for Smashwords

For anyone who buys "The Ring" from Smashwords, here is the uncensored cover.
And this is the censored one.
A waste of beauty if you ask me.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Appointment

The Appointment is up at Smashwords.

Also uploaded to Create Space for paperback publication.

Embarrassing moment

My first published work, "What if she wanted?" has been out there for a while. Currently it is only available at one site and I never thought to publish it at amazon since it violates one of their rules from page 1:
"What if she wanted to suffer permanent damage?"

For a few days I began considering offering it at Smashwords so, in order to adapt the formatting etc, I had to redo it. It turns out that the only copy I had of the manuscript was the PDF version from A1.

To transfer it into an editable word file required a flagrant violation of DRM. It would also require revision of the text and formatting.

I began to re-read the story, formatting as I went, and correcting minor mistakes.

And then it happened. I hadn't realized the book was so bad. Not the story, the story was OK, it was the telling of it. As I revised and rewrote I became more and more despondent.

I did not make it halfway through. It sits now in my hard drive waiting for the day that I can summon the energy to deal with it again. I think nothing short of a complete re-write will fix this story.

The take home message is: 1- don't hold your breath waiting for it, and 2- Don't buy it at A1, or if you do don't complain about it.

I felt tempted to have it removed from circulation. I might still do.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Birthday and Lynette's story now available in Smashwords

Birthday and Lynette's story gets a new cover by Minos and is now available at Smashwords too.

Here is the new cover art. There are two versions. The one with the nipple covered is the Smashwords one, they are a bit more antsy about nipples than Amazon, believe it or not.

And here is the Smashwords one.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A new site has opened, a branch of A1 called It is meant as a response to the difficulties encountered by adult authors at other sites. You can check it out at
See the full sized cover picture for "You will submit..." at:
Chameleon now available on Smashwords and, as a paperback at as well as amazon.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Chameleon has just been uploaded at Smashwords.

I have asked Minos to make a new cover for Birthday and Lynette's story and will post that one at Smashwords when it's ready.

I think I shall work next on "What if she wanted"

What if she wanted is my first long novel, and it will be a Smashwords exclusive as it has not been published other than in A1 and a couple of other specialized sites.

Interview published at Smashwords

Read my interview at Smashwords at:

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Friday, October 18, 2013

The Ring is now available from Smaswords.

Get it here:

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Today I posted my first novel at Smashwords. Let's see how that goes.
I plan to post all of the works currently posted at Amazon/B&N also at Smashwords.
I might actually discontinue the B&N account since the activity there is so slow it is almost not worth it.
The new versions of "You Will Submit to a Tall, Dark Stranger" with the Minos cover are up at Barnes & Noble as well as at Amazon. At Amazon the book is available as an e-book or print edition.

For all those who got the e-book at Amazon you may upgrade your copy to the new edition at Amazon's Manage your Kindle page.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Announcing Minos collaboration

Great news! I have entered into a collaboration agreement with Poser artist Minos.
He will be creating cover images for my new and some of my old novels.

The first one will be for "You will submit to a tall dark stranger" and here is his creation.

You can find Minos' work at his website Perilous Thoughts

Warning: Its content is disturbing and may not be appropriate for most people. I considered whether to add the link to the site or not and decided to do so, but if you do click on it, you do it at your own risk.
Don't come complaining to me later!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Two more books are now available from B&N.
One is Lynette's story and Birthday, in English and, in Espanol,
Two more books are now available from B&N.
One is Lynette's story and Birthday, in English and, in Espanol, Sus Tetas

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

La Cita esta disponible ahora como libro en rustica. Consiguelo aqui:
o aqui:

Buscando un dueno tambien esta en

ademas de en las tiendas amazon.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

"You will submit to a tall dark stranger" is now available in paperback from and
Find it at:

It will soon be available from the amazon European sites too.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Two more books are now available from B&N.
One is Lynette's story and Birthday, in English and, in Espanol, Sus Tetas is available now.

Dos libros mas estan disponibles en B&N.
En Ingles, Lynette's story and Birthday, y en Espanol, Sus Tetas.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

"Looking for a master, The twelve labors of Andromeda" is now available at and within a couple of days will be available in print from

Saturday, February 23, 2013

After the release of "Buscando un dueno" as a print book, I have just submitted "Looking for a Master, The Twelve Labors of Andromeda," to create Space.
It should come out within a week.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Buscando un dueno esta disponible en createspace.

Lo hallaras en:

Saldra en y en 5 o seis dias.
Life is full of surprises. Amazon too.
The Ring was banned at the same time that they blocked "El Circulo" after being on sale for quite a while.
Well, it is still available for sale and selling, only I cannot make changes on it.
Go figure.

In a related bit of news, I am starting to publish my e-books at createspace, as real print books.
The first one will be "Buscando a un dueno. The twelve labors of Andromeda" requested by a reader.
Once it is done, the original English version will come next.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013, in its wisdom has decided to remove "The Ring" from its site due to objectionable content.
It is still available from A1 and B&N, so if you want it, get it before censorship does away with it.

The Spanish translation, "El Circulo" will also not be available from Amazon, but is available from Barnes and Noble.

Go figure.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Próximamente, mis novelas aparecerán en Barnes and La primera es 'Buscando a un dueno, las doce labores de Andromeda"
Para aquellos lectores a quienes Amazon no les guste, o los que tengan un Nook, ahora podran leer estas obras comodamente.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Hoy, 17 de enero, envié "El Circulo" a amazon.
Espero que aparezca a la venta en uno o dos días.

Aqui esta el primer capitulo y la portada. (Se calienta mas, mas adelante)
A que es guapa?

Capitulo 1.
El Agente.

Tribeca: Barrio en el sureste de Manhattan, Nueva York.
Asahi Shimbun: Importante periódico Japonés.
NHK: Canal de televisión japonés por cable, equivalente a TVE internacional.
Martini: No se trata del vermut del mismo nombre sino de un coctel con tres partes de ginebra o vodka y unas gotas de vermut seco, servido con una aceituna o una piel de limón.
Langley: Ciudad de Virginia donde está la sede de la CIA.

“Allahu Akbar,” Gritó en árabe el terrorista bajo su turbante agitando un gran cuchillo.

En el suelo, de rodillas, un hombre americano miraba a la cámara. Parecía sereno aunque tenía que saber que estaba a punto de morir. Sus manos estaban atadas a su espalda. Enfocó los ojos en la cámara y sus labios se abrieron para hablar pero de ellos no surgió ningún sonido.

Mientras el islamista exaltado continuaba gritando locuras ininteligibles, su victima no emitió sonido alguno pero sus labios enunciaron con cuidado las palabras, sus últimas palabras, el mensaje que deseaba enviar al mundo:

“Miyu, te amo.”

El cuchillo se deslizó a través de la garganta del americano, enganchando la piel aquí y allá; no estaba muy afilado. Una flor de sangre escarlata brotó del cuello del americano, transformándose en espuma roja cuando la hoja penetró en su tráquea. En una erupción de sangre carmesí y espuma escarlata, él cayó hacia delante, hacia la cámara. La sangre brotando palpitante de las dos cercenadas arterias en su cuello bañó la lente de la cámara con una película roja.

La imagen pasa a negro.

En el otro lado del mundo, en un minúsculo apartamento en la ciudad de Nueva York, una joven de unos 25 años de edad, arrodillada en una cama, doblada sobre si misma en posición fetal, lloraba con amargura. Su puño, incrustado en su boca intenta, tal vez, atajar sus sollozos.

En el monitor del ordenador, el reproductor de media indicaba el final del video-clip. 

Hacia ya tres meses desde que Miyu viera el video-clip por vez primera. Lo había oído mencionar en el trabajo y lo bajó de una página web de Al-Qaida. Lo miraba todas las noches.

Se habrían casado en el otoño.

Cada mañana Miyu Montoya se esforzaba por salir de la cama. Aturdida preparaba el café y tenia que tragarse dos jarras antes de poder meterse en la ducha. Le haría falta un tercer jarro para poder enfrentarse al mundo fuera de su puerta.

Su pequeño apartamento, en Tribeca, estaba cerca de su trabajo.

En una oficina mugrienta, en el tercer piso de una antigua planta de empacado de carne reformada, se hallaba el buró de Japón de la Agencia Central de Inteligencia en Nueva York. El presupuesto del buró de Japón no daba ni para un armario en la oficina principal en la sexta avenida. El número total de empleados era tres incluyendo a Miyu. Ella, siendo la mas novata, era la asistente general, recogiendo archivos y noticias, imprimiendo y editando informes semanales que nadie jamás leería. Puede que hubiera un destino mas aburrido que la oficina de Japón, pero nadie sabia cual seria; hasta la oficina del Vaticano era mas interesante; después de todo, el Vaticano tenia un servicio de inteligencia muy eficaz que a veces averiguaba las cosas antes que la Agencia o el Mossad.

“Tal vez debería haber estudiado Latín,” se dijo Miyu caminando hacia el trabajo.

Las transmisiones en clave del servicio de inteligencia Vaticano estaban en latín. Tras descifrar el código, había que traducirlas al inglés. A veces estaban escritas en griego ático o incluso en arameo.

Aparte de sus tareas baldías en la oficina, era parte de su trabajo leer el Asahi Shimbun todos los días y ver el telediario del canal NHK en su casa, por si aparecía en ellos algo de interés para la Agencia. Nunca sucedía.

Iba con retraso, como era habitual desde que se enteró de la muerte de su prometido, y no le importaba. Desde que George murió, desde que le vio morir bajo el cuchillo, no podía levantarse por la mañana. Incluso las tres tazas de café apenas bastaban para sacarle de la casa. Solo el recuerdo de las palabras de su padre, Ramón Montoya la mantenía en pie: Cuando estas destruida, lo más difícil, y lo único que hay que hacer, es poner un pie delante del otro.

Eso es lo que hacia, apenas; poner un pie delante del otro, y luego hacerlo otra vez. Así llegaba al trabajo, pero no puntualmente. Recordó que el comisario asistente y otras hierbas para Asia visitaba el buró esta semana y todo el mundo aparentaba estar ocupado. El presupuesto de la Agencia estaba, como siempre, apretado y nadie quería que cortaran su trabajo. A Miyu le importaba un bledo.

Se sentó en su escritorio; sus compañeros la dejaban a su aire después de lo que le pasó a George. La habían ayudado durante algún tiempo, pero tenían sus propias vidas y si ella continuaba desconsolada, bueno, pues le daban espacio. Eso era lo mejor que cabía esperar.

Sobre el escritorio metálico suministrado por el gobierno, bajo el teclado de su ordenador, había un sobre sellado con su nombre escrito a mano en letra cursiva.

Dentro del sobre, una sencilla nota, escrita a lápiz:

Encuéntrese conmigo en el “Avenue Café” para almorzar a las 13:00. No informe a nadie de esta cita y traiga la nota y el sobre. Es importante.

Firmada Yong Thornton, Comisionado Asistente al Jefe de Asia.

Guardó la carta en su bolso y encendió el ordenador.

El Avenue Café estaba suficientemente cerca para ir andando desde la oficina; era un café bar mugriento. Era improbable que alguien del trabajo fuese a almorzar allí. Tenía unas mesitas en la acera. Pese a ser un frio día de marzo, algunas estaban ocupadas. Era uno de los pocos sitios donde se podía fumar. Miyu reconoció al comisionado asistente de inmediato. Era el único afuera que no fumaba. Se sentó enfrente de él. En la mesa reposaba un solitario Martini.

“Comisionado Asistente Thornton, me imagino.”

“Señorita Montoya; es un placer conocerla.”

Una vez acabadas las cortesías, pasó directamente al negocio.

“Se preguntara porqué gestioné esta reunión.”

Miyu asintió ligeramente.

“¿Qué sabe usted de la esclavitud sexual, Señorita Montoya?” preguntó Thornton.

“Lo que todo el mundo sabe,” contestó ella, “Lo que el Daily News y el New York Post publican de vez en cuando. No sabía que la Agencia se interesara.”

“No lo estamos, no oficialmente.”

Un camarero amargado se les acercó.

“¿Qué va a tomar, Señorita Montoya?”

Pidió una Coca-Cola de dieta y una ensalada, él ordenó un sándwich de rosbif y otro Martini. Continuó la conversación en cuanto el camarero se alejó.

“Si algunos ciudadanos de terceros países entran en contratos de servidumbre para entrar en los Estados Unidos, o para ganar dinero para sus familias, esa no es realmente nuestra área de interés. Puede interesar a inmigración, o al FBI, cuando lleguen aquí, pero no es asunto nuestro.”

“Entonces no entiendo.”

“Al parecer hay mujeres que están siendo secuestradas o forzadas a participar en el mercado de esclavos sadomasoquista.”

Miyu sintió erizarse los pelos de la nuca, alarmada. Su corazón palpitaba en sus oídos con fuerza. ¿Qué sabia este hombre?

“Queremos infiltrar un agente en su red, aquí.”

Sonaban alarmas en su derredor. Tenia que saberlo.

“¿Por qué yo?” preguntó.

Thornton se reclinó en su silla, “¿Tiene la nota y el sobre?”

Aturdida, se los dio.

“Señorita Montoya: No hay ningún registro de está reunión, ni aquí en Nueva York, ni en Langley, ni en ningún otro sitio.”

“Hace tres meses, cuando George Straham murió,” la mención de su prometido brotó lagrimas en sus ojos, “me enviaron sus efectos personales para revisar.”

Sus hombros se desplomaron. Él lo sabía todo.

“Antes de enviárselos a su pariente mas próximo, tenia que asegurarme que no hubiera… digamos que riesgos de inteligencia,” le dio un sorbo a su Martini.

“El señor Stratham era muy cuidadoso y no había nada que objetar en sus efectos; sin embargo había un archivo cifrado en su portátil. No con un código de la Agencia; algo distinto.”

Miyu asintió con la cabeza; veía a donde iba a parar esto.

“En cualquier caso, antes de entregar el portátil a la familia, hice que nuestros técnicos rompieran la clave. Los archivos no tenían mm… interés de inteligencia; los borré.”

Guardó una copia, pensó Miyu.

Thornton saco de su bolsillo un traveler y lo puso en la mesa delante de Miyu.

“Las copié en éste traveler; pensé que querría conservarlas.”

Ella tomo el traveler.

“No existen mas copias señorita Montoya,” parecía sincero.

“Señorita Montoya,” dijo, “si no acepta esta misión, nadie lo sabrá, su expediente no lo reflejara, no puede tener ningún efecto negativo en su carrera.”

Tomó el sobre con la nota dentro y, con un encendedor, le prendió fuego. Colocó el papel ardiente en el cenicero observando como las llamas lo consumían.

“Esta reunión nunca ocurrió y yo… no estoy aquí.”

“Comprendo,” dijo Miyu. “Quiere que infiltre la red y obtenga pruebas para que puedan arrestar a los cabecillas.”

Thornton negó con la cabeza, “Cualquier evidencia que obtuviese seria inadmisible en un tribunal; no se nos permite hacer investigaciones en territorio americano. No. Quiero que infiltre la red, averigüe lo que pueda y que nos lleve a los cabecillas, en el extranjero. Lo que hagamos después, esta por ver.”


“Una advertencia señorita Montoya; no se supone que endosemos esta clase de investigación, estoy seguro que me entiende. Si algo le sucediese, si fuera descubierta, capturada o asesinada, negaríamos saber nada de sus acciones.”


“Si tiene éxito, bueno, podrá usted escoger su destino en la Agencia.”

De repente Miyu sintió como si le quitaran un peso de los hombros. Su vida, de nuevo tenia un propósito.

“Lo haré.”

Thornton le alcanzó un sobre de papel de estraza, “Esto es lo que sabemos. Regrese a su trabajo y limpie su escritorio. Yo llamaré a su supervisor y le informare de su… reasignación.”

Tras un momento de duda Thornton preguntó, “Señorita Montoya: ¿Tiene usted pistola?”

Miyu se rio entre dientes; ella era neoyorquina después de todo, la ciudad mas anti armas de los Estados Unidos, “No, por supuesto que no.”

Thornton asintió, “Le suministraremos una.”

Ahora si rio a carcajadas, “Señor Thornton, en una investigación como esta, ¿Dónde cree que puedo llevar la pistola?”

Era refrescante ver como se sonrojaba.


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

La traducción al español de "The Ring" o sea "El Circulo" saldrá a la venta la próxima semana o la siguiente a mas tardar. Se trata de una novela de misterio y espionaje con, por supuesto, sexo, morbo y SM hasta hartarse.
Mas tarde colgare un capitulo para afilar los dientes.