Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Embarrassing moment

My first published work, "What if she wanted?" has been out there for a while. Currently it is only available at one site and I never thought to publish it at amazon since it violates one of their rules from page 1:
"What if she wanted to suffer permanent damage?"

For a few days I began considering offering it at Smashwords so, in order to adapt the formatting etc, I had to redo it. It turns out that the only copy I had of the manuscript was the PDF version from A1.

To transfer it into an editable word file required a flagrant violation of DRM. It would also require revision of the text and formatting.

I began to re-read the story, formatting as I went, and correcting minor mistakes.

And then it happened. I hadn't realized the book was so bad. Not the story, the story was OK, it was the telling of it. As I revised and rewrote I became more and more despondent.

I did not make it halfway through. It sits now in my hard drive waiting for the day that I can summon the energy to deal with it again. I think nothing short of a complete re-write will fix this story.

The take home message is: 1- don't hold your breath waiting for it, and 2- Don't buy it at A1, or if you do don't complain about it.

I felt tempted to have it removed from circulation. I might still do.

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