Monday, November 4, 2013

New supercensored cover for Smashwords

The prudes at Smashwords (or their retailers) are still getting hissy fits over nipples and such.
This is the new cover that I had to submit for Birthday and Lynette's story.
This time I did not even try to pretend that the image was not censored.

So, from now on, I'll upload the uncensored covers here and include a link to the blog post for all Smashwords books.

It gets better, They also required that I change the You will submit inside art.
So, for anyone who buys You Will Submit from Smashwords, or their retail sites, here is the original unexpurgated cover:

What's kind of annoying is that they tend not to have much of an issue with content, as opposed to amazon, but they get their skivvies in an uproar if so much as a nipple shows.

OTOH they had no issues with the cover of Andromeda which I thought they would have and had considered changing.

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