Thursday, August 4, 2016

I seem to be in a roll.
Ch 6 of Crucible is complete. 15,000 words done to date.
As a teaser, the plot is as follows:
Rose, our heroine, is John's devoted slave. At a party she meets Melanie and Sholto, her master. She admires Melanie's poise and skill but also feels jealous of her. John loans her to Sholto who is going on a fishing trip to Argentina. While there, she observes Melanie serving and servicing her master and her master's friends. There will be some of the usual mayhem, of course. When Sholto returns her to John, he sends Melanie for two weeks to return the favor.
Rose seethes for those two weeks as Melanie proves a much better slave than Rose is, despite her best efforts. Melanie confides in Rose that she went through training at "The School"
Rose wheedles and cajoles her reluctant master into sending her to The School where she is trained and tortured until she breaks and can be molded into the kind of slave that will drive men crazy.
Upon her return, John becomes more possessive of his slave, seldom letting her out of the house alone. He fears she will be stolen from him. However, during the social events that he does attend with her, Rose and Melanie notice some slaves whose charm, grace and poise outshine anything the two of them can muster.
Those few slaves went through "The Crucible" an exclusive center for selected slaves.
"You go to The School to be a better slave for your master," one of those slaves explains, "You go through The Crucible to be a perfect slave for any master. You go there for yourself."
Melanie and Rose try to get sent to The Crucible but their masters refuse.
Will they manage to make them yield? What will be the price? and What unspeakable horrors will they endure in The Crucible?


  1. Sounds good! Looking forward to it. Thanks for the update.

  2. Good to hear from you. Might be a long book. Stay tuned

  3. I like those long stories that build characters.

    I had read stores about stuff like these but on FetLife I actually got a chance to meet a few folks who are into it.

    Thanks again for writing these stories.